We have run or participated in hundreds of innovation and change efforts and have seen surprisingly little impact. Based on our experience and research, we have created a framework of drivers of lasting change.

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Every Organization is an Ecosystem

An ecosystem is an interdependent system that, when healthy, is adaptable and resilient. Organizations are ecosystems consisting of connected people, systems, and processes.
3 capacities of organizations

3 Capacities define the core work

Human Potential, Applied Creativity, and Executional Excellence are core capacities that must be developed for an adaptable, resilient organization.
3 capacities of organizations

3 Levels of leadership

Leaders at the Top, Middle, and Ground levels of the organization have unique needs, roles, and responsibilities that must be addressed.
3 cor elevels of an organization

9 drivers of health

When integrated, the 3 Capacities and 3 Levels of leadership converge to define 9 ‘symphonic’ drivers, meaning that all are present and influence the total system.
9 key drivers in an organization

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