The world is continually changing, and so are customer expectations.
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For organizations to thrive, teams need new capabilities and ways of working.
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Creative leadership is the most important competency for the future.
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What we do

Facilitate Sprints to help teams create, prototype, and test solutions to a challenge.

When teams need the capability to solve brilliantly on their own, we ...

Transform Teams to bring curiosity, creativity and radical collaboration to their solving.

And when an organization needs systemic, long-term impact, we...

Cultivate Leaders to create the conditions for creativity in their organization by discovering enablers and disablers of innovation.

Impact of our work

Human Centered Solutions that crack complex challenges to delight customers.

Creative Teams that bring great ideas to life and make innovation stick.

Creative Leaders who unlock the creative potential of their organization.

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Moving from inclusion to impact can feel overwhelming. So, let's keep it simple.
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What are you curious about?

Why Creativity?

We believe Creativity is an important leadership quality that fuels innovation and drives change. IBM disagrees. They believe Creativity is the most important leadership quality (here).

Why Inclusion to Impact?

Impact starts with Inclusion, which fuels speed. Inclusion builds psychological safety, belonging, and shared ownership to build better creative solutions.

Why Us?

We have lived it.
We have lived inside of Fortune 500 companies and understand the challenges of complex organizations. We know what change takes and what results mean.

We are catalysts.
We know what it’s like to hire consultants who think they know more about your business than you. That's not us. We are creative catalysts who co-create with you.

We leave you better.
We co-create change with you by facilitating, developing, and coaching your people to be self-reliant. We have succeeded when we have obsoleted ourselves.

"HC! helped us to create an inspiring Purpose which was a rallying cry for the entire organisation who suddenly saw meaning beyond just the business metrics to come to work and make a meaningful difference to the world. It had been used internally to create the right culture, attract the best talents and create an innovation program that delivered on the emotional, social and functional jobs to be done."
Vice-President, R&D Home Care, P&G