Duncan Paul

Rich Cawthray

I believe there is a better way of working and I am passionate about waking up creativity in individuals and teams. Everyone has a creative spark within, and I can help you unleash yours and set it free!
Rich loves helping leaders and teams to innovate and solve tough business challenges. Rich is a trained Product Designer and uses the way of working as a designer: building empathy, user centricity, iterative problem solving, prototyping and user testing in broad business to tackle strategy, change management and innovation topics.
He has been using and coaching Design Thinking, Agile and Team building Innovation approaches since 2007 – firstly in a multinational corporate environment where creating new solutions was hard and more recently in consulting; helping clients (and the consultants) to work in more co-creative ways to build better solutions.
Rich also lectures Innovation and Design Thinking as part of a MA and MBA in the European Business School. He holds a First Class BA Honors degree in Industrial Design & Technology from Loughborough University.