Sep 11, 2020

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

ur journey as Hello Creativity! began in a restaurant several years ago when we found ourselves reflecting on our career journeys at P&G and what we wanted to be our focus as we moved forward. After swapping notes, we embarked on separate consulting careers working across a breadth of challenges for many blue chip companies. Fast forward to this spring and we were drawn back together to re-evaluate what we loved doing; applying human centricity, catalysing the creative juices of teams to solve problems and helping organisations integrate the outcomes in a sustainable, enduring way. This time, we seized the opportunity to combine forces. The three of us had worked together multiple times on all sorts of complex organisations and innovation challenges and now it was our time to broaden our reach together.

Our manifesto on Creativity

Creating the conditions to unleash collective intelligence is key to

Revealing the genius in people and teams.

Empathy and fast-cycle learning are core to our human-centred approaches and  

Agility is how we work, iterating forward with our clients.

Trust is foundational for teams to flourish, enabling the

Impact of everyone’s contribution.

Value creation is the name of the game and

Integrated solutions are the only ones that matter.

Together is how we discover possibilities and answers. So,

Yes, this is how we crack complex challenges!

Etymology – where does hello come from?

“According to the Oxford English Dictionary, hello is an alteration of hallo, hollo,[1] which came from Old High German "halâ, holâ, emphatic imperative of halôn, holôn to fetch, used especially in hailing a ferryman"*… so with no ferryman to hail… we loved the idea of bringing ‘hello’ and ‘creativity’ together to fetch or attract attention to creativity!

*source Wikipedia 2020

We also believe Creativity is a transformative journey. The three elements of our logo represent the Discovery, Disrupt and Deliver stages of our approach.

We believe the creative capacity of teams is extraordinary but often untapped. We are passionate about helping you harness that collective creativity to solve complex challenges and build a more innovative organization. How may we help you crack your complex challenge?